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March 31 . 2008

Scott Simon

March 28 . 2008

NPR Anchorman and bestselling author, Scott Simon with his latest book, Windy City: A Novel of Politics.

David Hajdu

March 27 . 2008

Was it comic books or rock and roll that created the generation gap? Were they considered evil? The great comic book scare with David Hajdu, author of The Ten Cent Plague.

Eleanor Clift

March 26 . 2008

Eleanor Clift is a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine and a regular panelist on the nationally syndicated show The McLaughlin Group. Her new book, Two Weeks of Life is about the evenings she spent with her husband as he was losing a long battle with kidney cancer and days covering the Terri Schiavo story as a journalist.


March 25 . 2008

Lindford Detweiler
Justine Sharrock and Ben Allbright

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March 24 . 2008


March 21 . 2008


March 20 . 2008

Josh Horwitz and Rev. John Deckenback

March 19 . 2008

Does the Second Amendment refer to arming individuals or militias? The Supreme Court will decide in June. Then, was what Obama had to say about his minister enough? Should you be responsible for what your pastor says?

Paul Simmons

March 18 . 2008

How should religious beliefs be related to public policy? Should religious groups force their moral opinions on all Americans? Clinical professor at he University of Kentucky, Paul Simmons examines the interaction of faith, health and public policy in Faith and Health.