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Janus Adams & James Ridgeway

July 31 . 2008

Is rapper Ludacris helping or hurting Obama with his new song dissing Hillary, Jesse and McCain? Author and historian, Janus Adams joins in the fray. Then unmasking a gun lobby mole with Mother Jones Washington Correspondent James Ridgeway.

Melanie Sloan & Elizabeth Holtzman

July 30 . 2008

Melanie Sloan with CREW talks about the indictment of Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens and former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman wants George Bush impeached. Later, Barry will read some listener e-mails.

Elaine Donnelly and Joan Darrah

July 29 . 2008

Is it time to repeal don’t ask don’t tell? Elaine Donnelly with the Center for Military Readiness then later retired navy captain, Joan Darrah.

Tony Brown and Christopher Elliott

July 28 . 2008

Radio talk host Tony Brown gives us an update on the death of a Jena 6 relative who was tasered 9 times. Then columnist, Christopher Elliott gets even with the airlines.

Mark O’Connell

July 25 . 2008

Marriage therapist and author Mark O’Connell with The Marriage Benefit: The Surprising Rewards of Staying Together.

Hollyn Hollman & Kevin Welner

July 24 . 2008

Hollyn Hollman, general counsel with the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty  talks about a court case that allows funding for religious colleges then, are vouchers the way out of failing schools? Kevin Welner with the University of Colorado joins us.



Debra Haffner

July 23 . 2008

Debra Haffner with the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing discusses how the Religious Right is influencing policy on birth control.

Ruth Fowler

July 22 . 2008

Ruth Fowler worked as a stripper in Manhattan and London and has written her memoir, No Man’s Land.

Christian Lander

July 21 . 2008

Christian Lander, blog founder and author of Stuff White People Like.

Michael Kane

July 18 . 2008

New York Post entertainment features writer, Michael Kane on Game Boys: Professional Videogaming’s Rise from the Basement to the Big Time.