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Jennifer Gonnerman & David Goodman

July 17 . 2008

Taking a look at the prison system with Mother Jones contributors, Jennifer Gonnerman and David Goodman.

Peter LaBarbera & Suzanne Novak

July 16 . 2008

Is Ronald McDonald an anti-Christian bigot? Find out what Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth has to say then viagra vs birth control with Suzanne Novak, Center for Reproductive Rights.

Keli Goff

July 15 . 2008

Did the New Yorker magazine cover of Barack and Michelle Obama go too far? Satire or tasteless? Political analyst and author Keli Goff joins us to talk politics.

Mathew Padilla

July 14 . 2008

Mathew Padilla, journalist and co-author, of Chain of Blame: How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis.

Lynn Spencer, Patrick Creed, Rick Newman

July 11 . 2008

Pilot, Lynn Spencer talks about the drama in the skies on 9-11 in Touching History, then co-authors, Patrick Creed and Rick Newman with Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9-11.

Victoria Alexander

July 10 . 2008

Writer, pundit, humorist and movie reviewer Victoria Alexander.

Katherine Spillar and Erin Runnion

July 9 . 2008

Keeping clinics open with the Feminist Majority’s Katherine Spillar then find out why Erin Runnion with The Surviving Parents Coalition found John McCain’s statements to the the Sheriff’s Association weak.

DeLacy Davis and Suzanne Hupp

July 8 . 2008

An inmate accused of killing a police officer dies of a broken neck in solitary confinement;was this vigilante justice? Former police sargeant, DeLacy Davis joins us. Then Texas man shoots burglars on neighbors property and goes free.

George Lakoff

July 7 . 2008

George Lakoff, author of The Political Mind: Why You Can’t Understand 21st Century Politics With an 18th Century Brain.

Peter Navarro

July 3 . 2008

Author and educator, Peter Navarro with The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Fought and How They Will Be Won.