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William Bower

August 28 . 2008

Did the Clintons help to unite the Democrats? William Bower with PUMA joins us.

Kinky Friedman

August 27 . 2008

Kinky Friedman, country music singer, politician, columnist and 2006 candidate for governor of Texas with his latest book, What Would Kinky Do? How to Unscrew a Screwed-Up World.

Senator Mike Gravel & Joe Lauria

August 26 . 2008

Senator Mike Gravel and co-author Joe Lauria take us on a Political Odyssey.

James Galbraith

August 25 . 2008

The state of the economy with economist and author James Galbraith on The Predator State.

Philip Zimbardo

August 22 . 2008

Reclaim yesterday, enjoy tomorrow with psychologist Philip Zimbardo in The Time Paradox.

Diane Levin & Jean Kilbourne

August 21 . 2008

Are little girls and boys growing up too fast? Diane Levin and Jean Kilbourne take a look in So Sexy So Soon.

Steve Dublanica

August 20 . 2008

Do you ever complain about a meal when you’re in a restaurant? You might want to stop after you hear what former waiter Steve Dublanica has to say in Waiter Rant.

Caroline Kenner, Deotema & Rita Sklar

August 19 . 2008

Is an anti-fortune telling rule discriminatory or protective? Pagan witch and shamanic healer, Caroline Kenner and Deotema, tarot reader and Wiccan priestess join us. Then later a round the clock curfew in an Arkansas town and Rita Sklar from the ACLU doesn’t like it.

Greg & Martine Millman

August 18 . 2008

Share the experience of the Millman family who chose homeschooling in Homeschooling: A Family’s Journey.

Senator Mel Martinez

August 15 . 2008

Republican Senator from Florida, Mel Martinez talks about A Sense of Belonging.