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Asra Nomani & Judith Krug

August 14 . 2008

Book publisher pulls novel on Islam because it could incite violence. Journalist and professor, Asra Nomani and Judith Krug with the American Library Association join us.

Stephen Mansfield

August 13 . 2008

Best selling author, Stephen Mansfield with The Faith of Barack Obama.

Debbie Schlussel

August 12 . 2008

Conservative political commentator Debbie Schlussel is back to spar with Barry.

Dick Meyer

August 11 . 2008

Author Dick Meyer tells us why we are more defensive, self-loathing and crankier than ever in Why We Hate Us.

Dave Zirin & Charles Dunn

August 8 . 2008

Human rights, China and the Olympics with sportswriter and author Dave Zirin and later John Edwards sex scandal with Regent Unversity dean Charles Dunn.

Thomas Frank

August 7 . 2008

Thomas Frank, journalist and political observer with the new book The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule.

Jehmu Greene & Meryl Nass

August 6 . 2008

Sexism on the campaign trail and what’s being done about it with Women Count PAC. Then, has the Justice Department proven that Bruce Ivins was the man behind the anthrax letter attacks? Dr. Meryl Nass doesn’t think the goverment has a shred of evidence to connect him.

Lee Daniels

August 5 . 2008

Author Lee Daniels, Last Chance: The Political Threat to Black America.

Russell Banks

August 4 . 2008

Writer Russell Banks with his new book, Dreaming Up America.

Janis Ian

August 1 . 2008

Singer, songwriter and author Janis Ian is Society’s Child.