Archive for October, 2008

Eric Nuzum

October 31 . 2008

Eric Nuzum’s The Dead Travel Fast is just  in time for Halloween.

Frederick Clarkson

October 30 . 2008

Dispatches From the Religious Left with journalist and editor Frederick Clarkson.

Rev. Susan Russell & Maxine Doogan

October 29 . 2008

Taking a look at two California initiatives: Prop 8 eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry and later Prop K wants to decriminalize prostitution.

Brigette Gabriel

October 28 . 2008

Brigette Gabriel founder of Act for America and author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.


Kathleen Puckett

October 24 . 2008

How is safe is America after 9/11? Former FBI agent Kathleen Puckett co-authored Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe.

Rene Enriquez

October 23 . 2008

Rene “Boxer” Enriquez who got out of a prison isolation unit after defecting from the notorious Black Hand Mexican Mafia is in protective custody in a jail someplace. He tells us what his life is like now.

Ben Manski

October 22 . 2008

How can we be sure that what happened in Florida and Ohio won’t happen in this presidential election? Ben Manski joins us from No More Stolen Elections.

Richard Turley & Ron Walker

October 21 . 2008

Richard Turley and Ronald Walker, co-authors of Massacre at Mountain Meadows. What really happened there and why?

James Bamford

October 20 . 2008

James Bamford, author of the Shadow Factory.

Alan Zweibel

October 17 . 2008

Alan Zweibel, author of Clothing Optional.