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Susan Wise Bauer

October 16 . 2008

Susan Wise Bauer author of The Art of the Public Grovel.

Bill Ayers

October 15 . 2008

You decide if former war resister and weatherman, Bill Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist or not. 

John Hostettler & Bill Losey

October 14 . 2008

Former Congressman John Hostettler tells why authorization for the war was not warranted in Nothing for the Nation., then what will happen to your retirement savings in this volatile economic time? CNBC’s retirement financial expert, Bill Losey joins us.

Bill Wiese

October 10 . 2008

He’s been to hell and back and wrote about it in Hell.

David Kotz and Ashley Crutchfield

October 9 . 2008

More financial woes with economics professor, David Kotz and later Ashley Crutchfield had to remove her McCain Palin sign from her University of Texas dorm window. What happened  to free speech?

Chris Blatchford

October 8 . 2008

Investigative reporter, Chris Blatchford chronicles the story of a hitman’s reign of carnage and terror who finally redeemed himself in Black Hand.

Joel Magnuson

October 7 . 2008

Calming financial jitters as stocks plunge worldwide with Joel Magnuson economist and author of Mindful Economics.

Jeff Chester

October 6 . 2008

Jeff Chester reveals how a stealth system of interactive data collection increasingly threatens our privacy in Digital Destiny.

Jeffrey Toobin

October 3 . 2008

Jeffrey Toobin, a staff writer at The New Yorker and the senior legal analyst for CNN with the The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court.

Marty Beckerman and John Hostettler

October 2 . 2008

A look at political hypocrisy with Marty Beckerman in Dumbocracy:Adventures with the Loony Left and the Rabid Right.

Later former Congressman John Hostettler from Indiana on Gwen Ifill and her book on Obama.