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Ashley Byrne & William Donohue

January 30 . 2009

Super Bowl ads that were rejected by NBC with PETA campaigner Ashley Byrne and later William Donahue, president of the Catholic League talks about an anti aborton ad that was also nixed.

Alan Cooperman & Frances Fox Piven

January 29 . 2009

Whatever happened to deposed pastor Ted Haggard; he’s back in an HBO documentary, “The Trials of Ted Haggard”. Washington Post religion writer, Alan Cooperman joins us then later, will the stimulus plan work? Professor and author Frances Fox Piven tells us what she thinks.

Keo Cavalcanti & Cristina Page

January 28 . 2009

Professor and author Keo Cavalcanti with his latest book Gloryland.  Then, Cristina Page, author of How the Pro Choice Movement Saved America talks about what’s needed to advance womens reproductive rights with a new administration.

Aaron Morris & Melissa Dean

January 27 . 2009

Internet defamation with attorney Aaron Morris and later, how safe is online dating and can beautiful people be taken seriously with author of Hi Gorgeous, Melissa Dean.

Nancy Willard & Marisa Nightingale

January 26 . 2009

Cyber bullying and sexting, is this something that the legal system should worry about?

Selena Coppa, Jabbar Magruder, Dee Knight

January 23 . 2009

G.I. resistance and sanctuary with members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Kenneth Miller

January 22 . 2009

The ongoing debate over evolution with Kenneth Miller, professor and author of  Only a Theory:Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul.

Dean Baker

January 21 . 2009

 Dean Baker economist and author of, Plunder and Blunder: The Rise and Fall of the Bubble Economy.

Jabari Asim

January 20 . 2009

Journalist and author Jabari Asim with What Obama Means.

Charles Dunn & Michael Lieberman

January 16 . 2009

Is there a thin line between church and state? Regent University’s Dr. Charles Dunn, author ofThe Future of Religion in American Politics joins


Then Michael Lieberman with the
Anti-Defamation League talks about faith based initiatives.