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Richard Foltin & Martha Burk

February 10 . 2009

Why are some groups unhappy with Obama’s faith based programs? Richard Foltin with the American Jewish Committee and Martha Burk formerly with the National Council of Women’s Organizations join us. 

James Laski & Erwin Chemerinsky

February 9 . 2009

Chicago politics with the former City Clerk of Chicago who went to jail for corruption and tells it all in My Fall From Grace. Later should Blago have been impeached? Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean University of California Irvine School of Law joins us.

George Friedman

February 6 . 2009

George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor and author of The Next 100 Years:A Forecast for the 21st Century.



Guy Harrison

February 5 . 2009

Author Guy Harrison with 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in God

Allen St. Pierre & Ian Millhiser

February 4 . 2009

Is gold medalist Michael Phelps being given a free pass; should he be prosecuted for smoking marijuana? Then later, how the Supreme Court cut off access to health care and what Congress can do to fix it.

Sean Tipton & Karl Frisch

February 3 . 2009

The concerns and ethics of mega multiple births. Sean Tipton with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine joins us. Then Limbaugh vs. Obama with Karl Frisch with Media Matters.

Noel Biderman & Anthony DeLorenzo

February 2 . 2009

Married people looking to find someone to cheat with on a site for cheaters with Noel Biderman CEO of Ashley, then private investigator Anthony DeLorenzo gives us the Warning Signs.