Archive for March, 2009

Steven Waldman

March 31 . 2009

CEO and editor-in-chief of Beliefnet, author Steven Waldman with Founding Faith.

Evan Wolfson & Craig P. Blair

March 30 . 2009

Vermont governor threatens to veto same sex marriage bill. Evan Wolfson with Freedom to Marry joins us. Later, should drug testing be done on welfare recipients? West Virginia Delegate Craig P. Blair says yes. 

Rene Enriquez, Chris Blatchford

March 27 . 2009

Will sending Federal agents to the border stop the Mexican drug cartel from killing? Rene Enriquez, former gang member once recruited by the cartels and investigative reporter, Chris Blatchford join us. Later writer and author, John Gibler joins us from the border in El Paso.

Adam Wolf & Jon O’Brien

March 26 . 2009

Did school officials violate the rights of a teen girl who they strip searched because they thought she had ibuprofen? ACLU attorney, Adam Wolf talks about the case. Then, is President Obama a poor choice to give commencement address at Notre Dame? Catholics for Choice, Jon O’Brien joins us.

Rev. Robin Meyers & Jende Huang

March 25 . 2009

What do Christians and Humanists have in common, if anything? Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers author of Saving Jesus From the Church and Jende Huang with the American Humanist Association join us.

Mike Gravel & Ricci Levy

March 24 . 2009

Former Alaskan senator, Mike Gravel on filibustering Republicans and toxic assets then a sex column causes a controversy at Montana university. Ricci Levy with the Woodhull Freedom Foundation joins us.

William Bernhardt & Neil Strauss

March 23 . 2009

William Bernhardt, author of Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness then, Neil Strauss, author of Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.

Tom Zoellner

March 20 . 2009

Tom Zoellner, author of Uranium: War, Energy, and the Rock that Shaped the World.

Kat Long

March 19 . 2009

The conflicts between evangelical moralists and defenders of sexual revolution with Kat Long, journalist, social historian and author of The Forbidden Apple.

Robert Musil

March 18 . 2009

Robert Musil, scholar in residence at American University in Washington, D.C. and author of Hope for a Heated Planet.