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Brad O’Leary & Andrew Napolitano

April 16 . 2009

Brad O’Leary with his latest book, Shut Up America! The End of Free Speech then later, Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of  Dred Scott’s Revenge.






Amy Goodman, Eric Boehlert

April 15 . 2009

Democracy Now! host and author, Amy Goodman with Standing Up to the Madness.Then a tax revolt, what happened at the GOP “tea party” today? Eric Boehlert with Media Matters updates us.

S. Hetherington, Debra Haffner, Mary Roach

April 14 . 2009

Tomorrow is Same Sex Kiss Day and organizer, Sean Hetherington joins us then author Mary Roach is back with BONK. Also Vermont might outlaw teen sexting.

William Greider

April 13 . 2009

Author and national affairs correspondent for The Nation , William Greider with Come Home America.

Jay Asher, Frances Kissling

April 10 . 2009

Author Jay Asher tells us about the Thirteen Reasons Why, then later, Frances Kissling the former president of Catholics for a Free Choice wrote the Salon piece,“Whaddaya have to do to get a kidney around here?”



Alicia Pedreira, Stephanie Robinson,

April 9 . 2009

Fighting faith based bias with Kentucky activist, Alicia Pedreira. Then, Stephanie Robinson, president and CEO of the Jamestown Project assesses President Obama’s upcoming first 100  days in Accountable: Making America as Good as Its Promise.


Phil Chalmers, Shawn Bushway

April 8 . 2009

Phil Chalmers, author who has studied juvenile homicide and school violence with his latest book, Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer. Later, is the economy to blame for the spate of recent killings? Criminologist and professor Shawn Bushway joins us.

Lara Schwartz, Peter LaBarbera

April 7 . 2009

The Iowa High court strikes down same sex marriage ban. Lara Schwartz with the Human Rights Campaign joins us then later Peter LaBarbera with an opposing point of view.

Adam Kissel, Chris Edwards

April 6 . 2009

University of Maryland students reject threats of funding cuts and will screen porn film, then higher taxes levied on cigarettes.  

Emily Yellin

April 3 . 2009

Customer service and what it reveals about our world and our lives. Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (not that) Important to Us.