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Arika Okrent, Diane Duke

May 29 . 2009

Language creation with linguist and author, Arika Okrent In the Land of Invented Languages and then later, is the porn industry doomed? No says, Diane Duke with the Free Speech Coalition.

Moshik Temkin

May 28 . 2009

Professor and author, Moshik Temkin talks about one of the major legal and political episodes of the 20th century in The Sacco-Vanzetti Affair: America on Trial.

Suzi Parker

May 27 . 2009

Journalist and author Suzi Parker tells us about Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt.

Eugenie Scott, Susan Russell

May 26 . 2009

Is the 47 million year old fossilized skeleton of a monkey the missing link in human evolution? Eugenie Scott with the National Center for Science Education joins us. Then, the California Supreme Court upholds the ban on same sex marriage.

Geoffrey Nunberg

May 22 . 2009

Professor and author Geoffrey Nunberg with The Years of Talking Dangerously.

Eric Boehlert

May 21 . 2009

Award-winning journalist, Eric Boehlert has written extensively about media and politics; his new book is Bloggers on the Bus.

Ray Raphael

May 20 . 2009

Ray Raphael in Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation attempts to recreate an honest history of our nation’s founding by skipping over nineteenth century distortions and returning to primary sources from Revolutionary times. 

Graham Boyd, Kay Danes

May 19 . 2009

California medical marijuana law survived legal test. Graham Boyd with ACLU joins us, then, what happens to you when you are arrested in another country for drugs? Kay Danes, humanitarian, talks about the fate of a young, pregnant, British woman in Laos.  

Jay Wexler

May 18 . 2009

Jay Wexler, traveled to areas where  big church state Supreme Court issues came from in Holy Hullabaloos:  A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church State Wars.

Tiantian Zheng

May 15 . 2009

Anthropolgy professor, Tiantian Zheng with Red Lights: The Lives of Sex Workers in Post Socialist China.