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Ruth Houston, Amity Buxton

May 14 . 2009

Why is there a backlash from women about Elizabeth Edwards’ book? Infidelity expert Ruth Houston joins us. Then straight wives and husbands married to closeted homosexuals. Amity Buxton, founder of Straight Spouse Network tells her story. and

Mike Farrell, Clark Newhall

May 13 . 2009

Healthcare reform with actor, activist, Mike Farrell and Clark Newhall, doctor and lawyer who is the executive director of Health Justice which produced an ad that features Farrell.



Mike Rogers, Peter La Barbera

May 12 . 2009

Outing politicians who vote anti-gay with Mike Rogers, editor of and featured in the political documentary Outrage. Later Peter La Barbera , president of Americans for Truth tells us what he thinks of this.

Goodwin Liu

May 11 . 2009

Keeping Faith with the Constitution, what the Constitution means and how to interpret it with co-author and constitutional scholar, Goodwin Liu. 

Jerry Oppenheimer

May 8 . 2009

Author Joel Oppenheimer talks about Toy Monster: The BIg World of Mattel.

Dennis Hof, Matt Rothschild

May 7 . 2009

Why would anyone want to give a reality show to Drew Peterson? Someone thinks it’s a good idea. Then later Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine who edited Democracy in Print: The Best of The Progressive Magazine, 1909-2009.


Harry Jackson, David Cay Johnston

May 6 . 2009

The D.C. Council gave final approval to legislation that recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and Bishop Harry Jackson is not happy about the decision. Then Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston on executive pensions.

Matt Mason

May 5 . 2009

Piracy, youth culture, pop culture and innovation meet in The Pirate’s Dilemma.

Philip Gourevitch, Linda Monk

May 4 . 2009

Award winning author Philip Gourevitch with The Ballad of Abu Ghraib then later scapegoating and justice with constitutional scholar and author, Linda Monk.

Philip Alcabes

May 1 . 2009

Swine flu is all over the news and Philip Alcabes, professor of urban public health and author of DREAD: How Fear and Fantasy Have Fueled Epidemics from The Black Death to Avian Flu joins us.