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Jeff Johnson, Dr. Harold Sox

July 17 . 2009

 What goes on behind the scenes in a tattoo parlor? Tattoo artist, Jeff Johnson tells all in Tattoo Machine. Later in the hour, Dr. Harold Sox with the American College of Physicians talks about a study that he co-chaired to get the government to look into uncovering the best treatments for scores of ailments.

Stefan Lonce, Dan Quinn

July 16 . 2009

Are vanity plates protected under the First Amendment? Does that include religious and political ones also? Then later in the hour, Texas conservatives are gearing up for a battle saying that social studies classes give too much attention to civil rights leaders.  

Robert Wright

July 15 . 2009

Robert Wright’s, The Evolution of God  will change the way you think not only about God, but about the political, social, and cultural implications of religion itself. Wright is also the editor of, a website for intellectual discourse.

Dave Aeikens, Estuardo Rodriguez

July 14 . 2009

Should reporters be threatened with contempt of court and possible jail time if they do not reveal their sources and unpublished works? The president of the Society of Professional Journalists thinks that there is no need for a federal shield law. Later, the Sotomayor confirmation hearings with the former president of the Hispanic Lobbyists Association.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

July 13 . 2009

Can science explain God? Is spiritual experience real or a delusion? Are there realities that we can experience but not easily measure? In Fingerprints of God, award-winning journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty delves into the discoveries science is making about how faith and spirituality affect us physically and emotionally.

Ellen Ruppel Shell

July 10 . 2009

Are we all too poor to even buy cheap? Ellen Ruppel Shell, is a correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, and professor of science journalism at Boston University. Her latest book is, CHEAP: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

Robert Dallek, Robert Corn-Revere

July 9 . 2009

Noted presidential historian and professor, Robert Dallek talks about the legacy of former secretary of defense, McNamara then later attorney, Robert Corn-Revere says Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to rewrite the First Amendment.

Dr. Warren Hern

July 8 . 2009

Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, there is only one other physician who performs late abortions. In a rare interview, Barry talks to the outspoken Dr. Warren Hern, director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic, who has never hidden what he does, where he is located or how he feels about the radical religious right.

Chris Arledge, Rev. Anthony Evans

July 7 . 2009

Is copyright law stifling creativity? Intellectual property attorney Chris Arledge joins us. Same sex unions are now the law in the District of Columbia and Rev. Anthony Evans, a critic of that legislation tells us why he is not happy about it.

Shannyn Moore, Wayne Ross, K. Fultz

July 6 . 2009

Why is Sarah Palin bailing out as governor of Alaska? Anchorage radio talk host, Shannyn Moore joins us. Then, why are so many people abusing prescription drugs? Pastor Wayne Ross and Kay Fultz talk about their experiences.