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John Verdi, Julianna Baggott

September 30 . 2009

Did Facebook go too far in taking a poll on the assasination of the President? Then, the school that opted out a week before an author visit to say it wasn’t going to send book orders home because it didn’t want to give parents the impression it was endorsing objectionable material in the novel.

Tim Harford

September 29 . 2009

James Ellroy

September 28 . 2009

James Ellroy, author of Blood’s A Rover.

Kurt Eichenwald, Dan Merchant

September 25 . 2009

Investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald tells the true story of greed, corruption and conspiracy that left the FBI and DOJ counting on the cooperation of one man in The Informant which opened in theaters last week. Then Dan Merchant’s film, Lord Save Us From Your Followers opens today. 

Richard Muller

September 24 . 2009

Richard Muller, author and physicist covers a range of topics from nuclear weapons and waste, and global warming to 9/11. He explains that “it wasn’t the impact of the airplane that did the damage” to the World Trade Center in  Physics For Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines.

Cici McNair

September 23 . 2009

This private investigator’s remarkable true tales read like fiction! Mississippi native, Cici McNair reveals her undercover life and adventures as a female detective in Detectives Don’t Wear Seat Belts: True Adventures of a Female P.I.   

Doug Honnold

September 22 . 2009

Should wolves be put back on the endangered species list or is hunting the way to manage the numbers?  Earth Justice attorney, Doug Honnold joins us to talk about the ruling that resumes hunting in Idaho and Montana.

Mitch Horowitz

September 21 . 2009

Writer and publisher with many years experience in man’s search for meaning, Mitch Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of Tarcher/Penguin in New York and author of Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation.

Nicholas Meyer

September 18 . 2009

Director and writer of the three great Star Trek films, Nicholas Meyer, talks about The View From the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood.





Sam Tanenhaus

September 17 . 2009

In his book, The Death of Conservatism, Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the New York Times Book Review argues that conservatism is a counter revoluntionary movement with two sides: those who believe in tradition and those who many times find themselves at odds with the government.