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Marnia Lazreg, Christina Asquith

October 16 . 2009

In Questioning the Veil, award winning journalist, Marnia Lazreg examines the reasons that Muslim women give for wearing the veil. Then journalist Christina Asquith takes us into the hidden world of women under U.S. Iraqi occupation in Sisters in War.

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

October 15 . 2009

Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong’s new book, Morality Without God

David Javerbaum

October 14 . 2009

Why did it take so long for someone to realize that parenthood starts well before the birth of a baby? Comedy writer and former executive producer of The Daily Show, David Javerbaum filled in the gap with What to Expect When You’re Expected. 

Jim Loewen

October 13 . 2009

Sociologist James Loewen once again takes history textbooks to task for their perpetuations of myth and their lack of awareness of today’s multicultural student audience in Teaching What Really Happened.

Rich Benjamin

October 9 . 2009

Rich Benjamin’s, Searching for Whitopia is the only source to identify the nation’s whitest, best place to live communities: 286 U.S. counties and 39 metropolitan areas in all. Do you live in Whitopia?


Harvey Silverglate

October 8 . 2009

Civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate talks about how the feds target the innocent using vague statutes to prosecute the average American who had no way of knowing they were committing a crime. He shows this through case studies and real life stories in Three Felonies.

Theodore Roszak

October 7 . 2009

Author Theodore Roszak’s,The Making of an Elder Culture reminds boomers of the creative role they once played in our society, and predicts an “elder insurgency” where they return to take up what they left undone in their youth.

Jack Thompson, Jake Goldenflame

October 6 . 2009

Disbarred lawyer and activist for children’s violent video games, Jack Thompson tells us why he sued Facebook and then later we’ll talk to a recovering sex offender about a group of homeless sex offenders evicted from their tents in the woods.

Jay Sekulow, Carol Jenkins

October 5 . 2009

A constitutional challenge to the presence of an eight foot tall cross in the Mojave desert; the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Wednesday. Then why are some people giving the okay to what Roman Polanski and David Letterman did?

Daniel Callahan

October 2 . 2009

In Taming the Beast, medical ethicist, Daniel Callahan weighs the ethical arguments for and against limiting the use of medical technologies, and he argues that reining in health care costs requires us to change entrenched values about progress and technological innovation.