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Jody Heymann, William Donohue

November 30 . 2009

A major new study takes a look at working conditions worldwide and finds that the U.S lags behind other nations. Jody Heymann, author of Raising the Global Floor tells us more.

Later should gay priests be outted? Catholic League President William Donohue isn’t happy about it.

Beth Bailey

November 24 . 2009

At the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, President Obama proclaimed again that he would end “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Although he has no timetable to end the ban he reminded us that we shouldn’t be punishing patriotic Americans who are serving their country. Beth Bailey’s America’s Army provides a much needed account of the all volunteer army.

Crystal Feimster

November 23 . 2009

When Billie Holliday and Nina Simone sang of Strange Fruit we saw men and not women who were murdered and tortured by lynch mobs in the South, or so we thought. In Southern Horrors: Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching, Crystal Feimster breaks new ground in racial politics during the postbellum South.

Michael Streissguth, Chris Welles Feder

November 20 . 2009

Michael Streissguth is back writing about another Cash family member. This time it’s Rosanne in Always Been There then later, Orson Welles’ daughter, Chris Welles Feder has written a memoir, In My Father’s Shadow.

Joan Biskupic

November 19 . 2009

This is the first full-scale biography of the Supreme Court’s most provocative and influential justice, Antonin Scalia. In American Original,veteran journalist Joan Biskupic presents for the first time a detailed portrait of this complicated figure and provides a comprehensive narrative that will engage adherents and critics alike.

Jon O’Brien, Scott Biddle

November 18 . 2009

Will changes to healthcare reform mark the beginning of the end for women’s reproductive rights? Jon O’Brien with Catholics for Choice joins us then Scott Biddle will guide us through the energy crisis in Who Turned Out the Lights?

Scott Conroy, Shushannah Walshe

November 17 . 2009

What made Sarah Palin a superstar? Journalists Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe draw on their experiences as embedded reporters on the campaign with unique access to Palin’s inner circle. They reveal the juicy behind the scenes story of her rise into the international spotlight in Sarah From Alaska. Don’t underestimate her, you betcha!

Dan Pallota

November 16 . 2009

Dan Pallotta is a professional fund raiser and author of Uncharitable, which argues that charities should be empowered to more fully use market incentives to raise money and attract talent.

Barbara Ehrenreich

November 13 . 2009

Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Bright Sided is a sharp-witted knockdown of America’s love affair with positive thinking and an urgent call for a new commitment to realism.

Kinky Friedman

November 12 . 2009

The one the only, Kinky Friedman, internationally-hailed music icon, New York Times best-selling author, politician, founder and benefactor of Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, and cigar company entrepreneur is entertaining as ever. The Kinkster’s new books are Heroes of a Texas Childhood, and Kinky’s Celebrity Pet