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Rev. Robert Knight, Judith Barr

November 11 . 2009

A South Carolina license plate that showed a cross, stained glass window and the words ” I Believe” has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal district court. Then, what happens when those who are there to give help with trauma have their own demons., Archived Newsletters, March 2008 to see If you open the escape hatch, you make the miracle impossible



Diann Rust-Tierney

November 10 . 2009

John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the 2002 DC area sniper attacks is scheduled to be excecuted by lethal injection today but now a juror is saying the jury didn’t know of his mental illness and abuse. Is this the right punishment?

Melvin Urofsky

November 9 . 2009

Louis D. Brandeis, A Life is the first full-scale biography in 25 years of one of the most important justices to sit on the Supreme Court. Author Mel Urofsky shows Judge Brandeis as the reformer in all of his complexity, passion, and wit.

David Hajdu

November 6 . 2009

Music critic, professor and author David Hajdu on Heroes & Villains: Essays on Music, Movies, Comics and Culture.


Cornelia Dean

November 5 . 2009

What the public loses when doctors and scientists don’t communicate well with Cornelia Dean, author of Am I Making Myself Clear.

Leonard Zeskind

November 4 . 2009

Blood and Politics, is the most comprehensive history of the white supremacist movement as it has evolved over the years. Leonard Zeskind, watchdog of the racist right, draws heavily on court documents, racist publications, and first-person reports.,

Howard Simon, Erica Williams

November 3 . 2009

Was Home Depot right to fire an employee because of what his button said? Howard Simon with the ACLU of Florida gives us his side. Also, today marks the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency and the youth vote had a lot to do with that. Erica Williams with Campus Progress rates his job performance.

Frederick Lane

November 2 . 2009

Frederick S. Lane, attorney and author of AMERICAN PRIVACY: The 400-Year History of Our Most Contested Right.