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Brian O’Dea

January 14 . 2010

Former marijuana smuggler, Brian O’Dea recounts his experiences in High: Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler.

Jamin Raskin, Naomi Shatz

January 13 . 2010

How will the Supreme Court rule in Citizens United vs FEC? Law professor Jamin Raskin joins us and then later the religious right, federal government and abstinence in the schools with ACLU attorney Naomi Shatz.

Richard Jacobs, Maria Cadenas

January 12 . 2010

First we thought the Prop 8 trial in California would be televised now it’s not. Rick Jacobs with Courage Campaign explains what happened and what’s next. Then the first trangender appointee; why is that a big deal? Maria Cadenas with Cream City Foundation joins us.

Michael Medved, Dr. Henri Treadwell

January 11 . 2010

Syndicated radio talk host Michael Medved with The 5 Big Lies About American Business and later should states deny food stamps and public assistance to drug offenders? Let’s hear what Dr. Henri Treadwell at Morehouse College has to say.

Bob Sullivan

January 8 . 2010

New York Times bestselling author and Red Tape Chronicles columnist Bob Sullivan strikes again to help you evade the financial traps big businesses set for unwary consumers in Stop Getting Ripped Off.

Anne Kornbluth, Jay Stanley

January 7 . 2010

The Washington Post’s Anne Kornbluth argues that America is not quite ready for a woman president even Sarah Palin in Notes From the Cracked Ceiling. Later are full body scans at airports an invasion of privacy? Jay Stanley with the ACLU joins us.

Jerry Doyle

January 6 . 2010

Independent conservative and radio talk host Jerry Doyle asks Have You Seen My Country Lately? America’s Wake-Up Call.

Douglas Schoen

January 5 . 2010

Where have modern politics gone wrong? Political strategist and commentator Douglas Schoen takes us on a behind the scenes look at the corridors of power in The Political Fix.

Elizabeth Sanchez

January 4 . 2010

What are broadcast journalists not telling us? Emmy award winning TV reporter Elizabeth Sanchez, host of PBS’s national show, A Place of Our Own, has put together a collection of the most personal stories from reporters at networks ranging from Fox News to CBS to local affiliates of the big networks across the country in Watercooler.