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Michael Shelden

February 26 . 2010

Michael Shelden, author of Mark Twain: Man in White.

Barry C. Lynn

February 25 . 2010

Barry C. Lynn, senior fellow at the New America Foundation talks about his new book Cornered.

James Forbes

February 24 . 2010

Dr. James Forbes, Jr. author of Whose Gospel?

Diana Kasdan, Eric Williams

February 23 . 2010

Where does a mother’s right to decide her own treatment ends and where does the priority of protecting a fetus begin? Diana Kasdan with the ACLU tells us what she thinks.  Later the C St. house is back in the news with IRS interest.        

Rebecca Sager

February 22 . 2010

Professor and author, Rebecca Sager examines how and why states have been creating faith based policies in Faith, Politics and Power.

Charles Pellegrino

February 19 . 2010

Charles Pelligrino takes the Last Train From Hiroshima.

Niels Nielsen

February 18 . 2010

Author Niels Nielsen talks about God in the Obama Era and later Barry Lynn gets some things off his chest.

David Aaronovitch

February 17 . 2010

Voodoo HIstories with author David Aaronovitch.

Robert Samuelson

February 16 . 2010

Robert Samuelson, author of The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath.

Rev. Debra Haffner

February 9 . 2010

The pregnancy rate among teen girls has jumped for the first time in a decade raising the debate on how to handle it. What happened, what was the cause of the increase? Rev. Debra Haffner, Executive Director of the Religious Institute helps us to understand.