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James Childress, Jeff Rowes

February 8 . 2010

Why are so many lives lost because of bone marrow donors? James Childress, professor of medical education at the University of Virginia and Jeff Rowes, attorney at the Institute for Justice join us.

Michael Edwards, Lisa Dodson

February 5 . 2010

Michael Edwards, former Ford Foundation Director and author of Small Change: Why Business Won’t Change the World. Then later, Lisa Dodson, professor and author of The Moral Underground.

Leila Salazar Lopez, David Denby

February 4 . 2010

General Mills is destroying the rainforest and Leila Salazar -Lopez with the Rainforest Action Network tells us what we can do about it. Later, film critic and author, David Denby with Snark, you know teasing, snide, nasty and knowing.

Marci Hamilton, Wayne Besen

February 3 . 2010

Religious differences in child custody cases with Marci Hamilton, author and professor at the Cardozo School of Law and later Wayne Besen with Truth Wins Out gives us an update on the formation of the American Prayer Hour an alternative to the National Prayer Breakfast.

Michael B. Keegan, Frank Lo Monte

February 2 . 2010

Amending the Constitution to overturn the recent Supreme Court ruling with PFAW head Michael Keegan and later legislation proposing a statewide student freedom of expression act in Nebraska, Frank LoMonte with Student Press Law Center tells us what he thinks of it.