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Walter Mosley

March 31 . 2010

Walter Mosley is one of the most versatile writers in America and is the author of more than 34 critically acclaimed books, including the major bestselling mystery series featuring Easy Rawlins. His latest book is Known to Evil.

James William Gibson

March 30 . 2010

CAL State University professor and author James William Gibson talks about environmental conflicts in A Reenchanted World.

Andrew Napolitano, Jack Bowen

March 29 . 2010

FOX television’s Judge Andrew Napolitano tells you about Lies the Government Told You then later Jack Bowen talks about the philosophy of bumper stickers in If You Can Read This.

Jimmy McDonough

March 26 . 2010

Author Jimmy Mc Donough chronicles the sad life of one of Nashville’s top singers in Tammy Wynette: Tragic Country Queen.

Diane Ravitch

March 25 . 2010

Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch was once a staunch advocate of No Child Left Behind but now she speaks out in her new book, Death and Life of the Great American School System. What happened to change her mind?

Lierre Keith, Randy Serraglio

March 24 . 2010

Ex-vegan, Lierre Keith gets hit with pies for writing The Vegan Myth and later Randy Serraglio talks about the endangered species condoms campaign and how it’s going.

Ken Gormley

March 23 . 2010

Author Ken Gormley’s new book, Death of American Virtue: Clinton VS Starr.

Evan Wright

March 22 . 2010

Best selling author Evan Wright with his new book Hella Nation.

Tom Peters, Stephan Asma

March 19 . 2010

Best selling author Tom Peters talks about The Little Big Things and later Stephen Asma wrote, Why I Am a Buddhist.

Nate Cardozo, David Albright

March 18 . 2010

Break the law and your new friend on social networking sites may be the FBI. Nate Cardozo with the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains. Then, former UN weapons inspector, David Albright’s new book Peddling Peril reveals the explosive details of the secret nuclear trade arming Iran, N. Korea and Al Qaeda.