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Ayesha Khan, Francis Boyle

April 19 . 2010

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in a case brought by Christian law students at a public college in California. The students tried to restrict their organization’s leadership only to members who shared their same values. The case is Christian Legal Society v. Martinez. Ayesha Khan, legal director at Americans United joins us. Then, who will replace retiring Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court? Lots of names are floating around, we’ll discuss this with Professor Francis Boyle.

David Goodstein, Ruth Simkin

April 16 . 2010

What is scientific fraud and how is it investigated? Physics professor and author, David Goodstein examines real life cases where allegations of scientific fraud were made in On Fact and Fraud. In some, the parties are found innocent and in others they are guilty. Then, just like something right out of the movies. Dr. Ruth Simkin tells her stranger than fiction story of being wrongfully institutionalized in a mental hospital in The Jagged Years of Ruthie J.

Robert O’Neil, Jordan Goldberg

April 15 . 2010

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression announced its 2010 Jefferson Muzzle awards. This year’s winners were government and school officials, including the Virginia Department of Corrections. The Center’s director Robert O’Neil lists the winners. Later, Nebraska will have a law in place that criminalizes abortions after twenty weeks; Jordan Goldberg with the Center for Reproductive Rights joins us.

Paul Davies

April 14 . 2010

Are we alone in the universe or is it possible that alien life is right under our noses or even in our noses? Cosmologist Paul Davies is the director of the Beyond Center in Arizona and chairs the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Post Detection Task Group, which means that he is one of twelve people in the world who will be the first to know if we make contact with aliens. He is also the author of The Eerie Silence.

Mark Oppenheimer

April 13 . 2010

Have you ever met a child who talked like an adult? Who knew big words and how to use them? Was he a charmer or an insufferable smart aleck—or maybe both? New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer was just such a boy and he chronicles his travails in Wisenheimer.

Kay Mupetson, Robert Bryce

April 12 . 2010

Kay Mupetson, the daughter and niece of survivors tells us why the Holocaust will never end. She shares her personal experiences and the pressures to carry on this legacy by later generations in the novel, Penguin Luck.  Then, editor and author Robert Bryce talks about the myths of energy independence. Bryce says that the idea that the U.S. should be independent of oil is ludicrous on its face and yet another indicator of the intellectual poverty of the debate.

Louann Brizendine, David Weimer

April 9 . 2010

Finally  a book that demystifies how men think. Dr. Louann Brizendine follows the male brain through every phase of life, from infancy to adulthood in The Male Brain. Are guys really lean, mean problem solving machines? At the half, David Weimer explores an alternative regulatory approach to medical care based on the delegation of decisions about the allocation of scarce medical resources to private nonprofit organizations in Medical Governance.

Debbie Schlussel, Gina Yashere

April 8 . 2010

Why is political commentator, Debbie Schlussel turning on her fellow conservative, Sean Hannity? What happened? At the half, get ready to laugh at British comic Gina Yashere whose one woman routine will be aired on Showtime tonight at 10PM ET.

Lillian Taiz, Vanessa Rojas, Robert Graham

April 7 . 2010

Thousands of California students and teachers who were angered by increases in tuition and budget cuts protested to plead for help with the state’s education crisis. Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association and students, Vanessa Rojas and Robert Graham, who were involved in organizing the National Day of Action for Public Education give us an update.

Homer Hickam, Erika Wood

April 6 . 2010

A mine explosion  in West Virginia killed 25 in the deadliest such disaster in the United States in decades. Homer Hickam, a former miner and writer gives his point of view on safety and the industry. Later, should felons have the right to vote? Erika Wood with NYU School of Law says yes.