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Terry Bisson

May 28 . 2010

The Left Left Behind is Terry Bisson’s satire about the Rapture and it  is sardonic and merciless. This entire apocalyptic enterprise provides a humorous and timely interpretation of the bestselling Left Behind series-the adventures of those “left behind” to battle the Anti-Christ after all Born-Again Christians have ascended into heaven. From predatory preachers and goth lingerie to Indian casinos and “art cars” at Burning Man, this religious spoof deftly pairs the personal with the fictional.

Randy Frost, Gail Steketee

May 27 . 2010

Why do some people  save every scrap of paper that has ever come into their homes? What compulsions drives a woman whose hoarding cost her her marriage? Or wealthy twin bachelors who filled up matching luxury apartments with countless pieces of fine art, not even leaving themselves room to sleep? Psychologists, Randy Frost and Gail Steketee were the first to study hoarding when they began their work a decade ago.  In Stuff,  the two researchers detail how compulsive behaviors drive sufferers to pile objects throughout their homes.

Joseph Foy

May 26 . 2010

Americans are turning to popular culture to make sense of the American political system and in Homer Simpson Goes to Washington, Joseph J. Foy has assembled a multidisciplinary team of scholars with backgrounds in political science, philosophy, law, cultural studies, and music. The essays tackle common assumptions about government and explain fundamental concepts such as civil rights, democracy, and ethics.

Deborah Rhode

May 25 . 2010

America’s  obsession with beauty,  the costs it imposes and the response it demands is explored in Deborah Rhode’s book, The Beauty Bias. The kind of attention that people once gave to the state of their souls, they now give to the state of their bodies says the author.

Hampton Sides

May 24 . 2010

Hampton Sides follows James Earl Ray in a fascinating minute by minute account of the King assassination in Hellhound on His Trail. He has vividly recreated one of the darkest hours in American history, piecing together a dramatic account of the last days of the Rev. Martin Luther King.

Henry Scott

May 21 . 2010

While some of you may be shocked to know that there was a time before TMZ existed, Henry E. Scott’s new book, Shocking True Story provides direct proof that our paparazzi-prone times are nothing new. 

Ray Madoff

May 20 . 2010

Ray Madoff, Boston College law professor is interested in laws that have been evolving over the years to give greater and greater rights to dead people in Immortality and the Law.

Patricia Morrisroe

May 19 . 2010

What do we really know about why we sleep and why we seem to be getting less of it? Do sleeping pills work?  Patricia Morrisroe, writer and author tells us how she cured her insomnia in Wide Awake which is sure to keep you up because you can’t put it down.

Phillip Margolin, Wes Moore

May 18 . 2010

Phillip Margolin takes readers inside the U.S.  Supreme Court to help untangle an old case involving the President’s nominee to be next Justice in Supreme Justice.  Later in the hour, two kids with the same name in the same decaying city born within a year of each other;  one grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, combat veteran and White House Fellow and the other is serving a life sentence in prison.  The Other Wes Moore, tells the story of two boys and the journey of a generation.

Jeffrey Anderson, David Clohessy

May 17 . 2010

Jeffrey Anderson is a Minnesota lawyer who has a reputation  for suing U.S dioceses and bishops over allegations of priests sexually abusing young boys. He has shown in a lawsuit letters to the Pope that the Vatican was informed about the case of a priest who molested deaf boys in Wisconsin but how will the Holy See react?  Later in the hour, David Clohessy, a survivor and national director of SNAP, Survivors Network of  Those Abused by Priests joins us.