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Pat Brown

June 16 . 2010

Some criminal profilers in the movies look like models, spend days in the lab and hunt down their killer as a finale but real life is anything but that glamorous! The Profiler is a memoir by nationally known expert, Pat Brown and is a first-hand look into her world today.  It is a riveting compilation of actual case files that takes readers behind the scenes for a chilling look at bizarre sex crimes, domestic murders and mysterious deaths  and brings them face-to-face with rapists, killers and their brutalized victims.

Michael Zimmerman, Baba Brinkman

June 15 . 2010

Michael Zimmerman, professor of  Biology at Butler University takes a look at how religious fundamentalists have begun promoting creationism outside the U.S. by using the the same strategies as here. Then, Baba Brinkman, a self styled rapper gives us an innovative theatrical view of evolution through pop culture.

Bruce Watson

June 14 . 2010

In the summer of 1964, with the civil rights movement stalled, seven hundred college students descended on Mississippi to register black voters, teach in Freedom Schools, and live in sharecroppers’ shacks. But by the time their first night in the state had ended, three volunteers were dead, black churches had burned, and America had a new definition of freedom. Bruce Watson ‘s thoughtful and historical narrative captures the tottering legacy of Jim Crow in Freedom Summer.

Jerry Lembcke, Chris Stewart

June 11 . 2010

From the notorious Mata Hari to the legendary Tokyo Rose, stories of female betrayal during wartime have recurred throughout human history. In Hanoi Jane, author Jerry Lembcke shows how and why Jane Fonda the person became Hanoi Jane the myth. Then, Air Force veteran and co-author, Chris Stewart identifies seven miraculous events in U.S. history in which the country beat overwhelming odds to stay a free nation in Seven Miracles That Saved America.

Simon Johnson

June 10 . 2010

Though this blistering book identifies many causes of the recent financial crisis, from housing policy to minimum capital requirements for banks, the authors lay ultimate blame on a dominant deregulatory ideology and Wall Street’s corresponding political influence. Co-author and MIT professor, Simon Johnson talks about 13 Bankers.

Nichola Gutgold, Sharon Saffold

June 9 . 2010

It was a big night in the win column for women in the mini Super Tuesday primaries;  is there a voting shift and did the Tea Party movement have any effect on the outcome? Nichola Gutgold,  associate professor at Penn State University will explain the trend. Later, when did adultery become a crime and is there an increase in domestic prostitution of adolescent girls? Sharon Saffold with A Future Not a Past joins us.

Tom Pauken, Kathy Miller

June 8 . 2010

Former state chairman of the Texas Republican Party, Tom Pauken’s new book  Bringing America Home claims to  not only explain how we lost our way, but shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back. Then we talk to Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network about The Lone Star State adopting a new social studies curriculum making changes that are historically inaccurate. What impact will this have nationally?

Robert Bryce, Tanya Acker

June 7 . 2010

Are oil, coal and natural gas here to stay after what we have seen in Appalachia and the Gulf? Energy journalist, Robert Bryce says in his latest book Power Hungry that these fuels will be needed for a long time. Then later in the hour we talk to lawyer Tanya Acker about BP and criminal implications.

Simon Rich

June 4 . 2010

SNL writer and author, Simon Rich’s first  novel, Elliot Allagash is a tale about all of the incredible things that money can buy, and the one or two things that it can’t. It is cunningly playful and wickedly funny.

Laura Eldridge, Stefanie Weiss

June 3 . 2010

Activist and women’s health writer Laura Eldridge released her book In Our Control on the 50th anniversary of the pill. It’s a  fascinating history of all methods of birth control, and outlines the efficacy and risks of the options for today’s woman. Later, Stefanie Iris Weiss helps to renew your passion for the environment while you recharge your love life in Eco-Sex.