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Annette Gordon-Reed

January 18 . 2011

Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth president of the United States, is generally regarded by historians as among the weakest. Pulitzer Prize winning author and scholar, Annette Gordon-Reed has no intention of moving Johnson up in rank  and takes as her task explaining why we should look anew at such a disastrous chief executive in Andrew Johnson.

Evgeny Morozov

January 14 . 2011

The internet will set us free—or will it? In The Net Delusion,  journalist and social commentator Evgeny Morozov shows that by falling for the supposedly democratizing nature of the internet, Western do-gooders may have missed how it also entrenches dictators, threatens dissidents, and makes it harder—not easier—to promote democracy.

Joan Del Fattore

January 13 . 2011

How free are students and teachers to express unpopular ideas in public schools and universities? Not free enough, Joan Del Fattore suggests in Knowledge in the Making. She investigates battles over a wide range of topics that have fractured school and university communities—homosexuality-themed children’s books, research on race-based intelligence, the teaching of evolution, the regulation of hate speech, and more.

Stefan Kanfer, Dr. Barbara Bastien

January 12 . 2011

When is it ever okay to use the “N” word?  Is it a mistake to remove it from Huck Finn? Stefan Kanfer, contributing editor at City Journal tells us what he thinks and later Dr. Barbara Bastien will discuss the first anniversary of the earthquake that hit Haiti. She is the author of A Day In January.

Dr. Charles Dunn, Thurston Clarke

January 11 . 2011

Is it time to temper the political rhetoric in the country especially after the mass shootings in Arizona? Dr. Charles Dunn with Regent University and author of  The Future Of Religion in American Politics tells us what he thinks. Later, author Thurston  Clarke, has two purposes in Ask Not, to examine the Kennedy Inauguration in precise detail and to determine J.F.K.’s role in writing the speech. He debunks the myth that it was written by Ted Sorenson.

Susan Douglas

January 10 . 2011

Women today are inundated with conflicting messages from the mass media: they must either be strong leaders in complete command or sex kittens obsessed with finding and pleasing a man. In The Rise of Enlightened Sexism, Susan J. Douglas, takes readers on a spirited journey through the television programs, popular songs, movies, and news coverage of recent years telling a story that is nothing less than the cultural biography of a new generation of American women.

Karen Abbott

January 7 . 2011

American Rose is Karen Abbott’s story of a turbulent nation and the ambitious woman who became Gypsy Rose Lee, the queen of burlesque. The biography of the celebrated stripper, who died in 1970 at age 59, looks at the evolution of musical theater in the early 20th century.

Evelyn Rasco, Art Caplan

January 6 . 2011

Two sisters in Mississippi who were given  life sentences for armed robbery are being released but only on the condition that one sister donates a kidney to the other. Evelyn Rasco, the mother of Jaime and Gladys Scott tells us what she thinks of the requirement. Later, Dr. Art Caplan, bio-ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania says he’s never hear of anything like this.

Cheryl Kilodavis

January 5 . 2011

Society gives the okay for girls who wear boys clothing but is it okay for boys to dress up as girls? Cheryl Kilodavis wrote the book  My Princess Boy when her son started playing with dress up clothes at day care and this was the beginning of her journey to understand how to embrace her son.

Barry Schwartz, Kenneth Sharpe

January 3 . 2011

In Practical Wisdom, Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe illuminate how to get back in touch with our wisdom: how to identify it, cultivate it, and enact it, and how to make ourselves healthier, wealthier, and wiser.