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Catherine Craig

February 11 . 2011

Catherine Craig with Common Ground will discuss the 100,000 Homes Campaign, Housing First as a proven solution to homelessness, health needs and healthcare use by those experiencing homelessness, and permanent housing as a health intervention.

Josh Bivens

February 10 . 2011

In Failure By Design,  economist Josh Bivens explains how policymakers have played a role in creating our economic system. He demonstrates how policy choices made by elected leaders over the past four decades have resulted in the deck being stacked against working Americans – but that it didn’t have to be.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart

February 9 . 2011

Anti-choice lawmakers have introduced government intrusions into the personal medical decisions of women by preventing them from using their money to buy abortion coverage. Dr. LeRoy Carhart, medical director of Abortion is committed to reduce the need for abortions in the future while increasing the availability in the present.

Felice Gelman, Harold Weaver

February 9 . 2011

Felice Gelman, a peace and justice activist with WESPAC talks about joining Egyptian protesters in solidarity last week in Cairo. Later, Dr. Harold Weaver, co-editor of Black Fire which captures the voices of 18 African Americans within the Quaker community about their viewpoints on racial justice joins us.

Jane Velez-Mitchell

February 7 . 2011

HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell targets our entire culture, arguing that Americans have collectively become dependent on and devoted to certain dysfunctions, including obsessive cleanliness, cruelty, sexual exploitation, food addiction and prescription drug dependency. In Addict Nation, she calls for an intervention for America.

Dr. Joanne Lynn

February 4 . 2011

Prominent geriatrician and bioethicist Dr. Joanne Lynn discusses why the claim of ‘death panels’ is returning to pollute the debate over healthcare reform.  She will also explain why dealing with real cost control at the end of life is vital to fixing major deficiencies in the healthcare system.”

Robert Kurzban

February 3 . 2011

Why are we all such hypocrites? Robert Kurzban shows us in Why Everyone (else) Is a Hypocrite that the key to understanding our behavioral inconsistencies lies in understanding the mind’s design. The human mind consists of many specialized units designed by the process of evolution by natural selection.

Jennifer Wright Knust

February 2 . 2011

Bible scholar Jennifer Wright Knust addresses the big questions that dominate today’s discussions and debates when it comes to sex and the Bible. Unprotected Texts directly and pointedly takes on widely shared misconceptions about sex, arguing that the Bible cannot—and should not—serve as a rulebook for sexual morality, despite popular claims to the contrary.

Richard Panek

February 1 . 2011

Over the past few decades, a handful of scientists have been racing to explain a disturbing aspect of our universe: only 4 percent of it consists of the matter that makes up you, me, our books, and every star and planet. The rest is completely unknown. Science journalist, Richard Panek tells the dramatic story of the quest to find this “dark” matter and an even more bizarre substance called dark energy in The 4 Percent Universe.