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Dr. Susan Lipkins, Shannon Danford

March 31 . 2011

“Smut-list” is the latest in cyber-bullying and it has gone digital. Psychologist, Dr. Susan Lipkins tells us what is involved and what parents can do. Later, Shannon Danford, talks about her novel,  Freezer Burn Blues, the first in a series.

Peter Zsebik, Kai Drekmeier

March 30 . 2011

In his new book, Educational Leadership for the 21st Century, scholar and educator Dr. Peter Zsebik agrees with President Obama on the need for radical changes to the current education system. Later, a Stanford University study finds student coaching substantially increases retention and graduation rates; Kai Drekmeier with Inside Track gives us more details.


Kinky Friedman, Jesse Dayton

March 29 . 2011

Kinky Friedman talks about the world premiere of  Becoming Kinky…The World According to Kinky Friedman, a musical based on the life of the country artist and former gubernatorial candidate from Texas. Then later, singer, Jesse Dayton who plays Kinky joins us.

Jim Gilchrist, Benjamin Radford

March 28 . 2011

Red state, Utah approved a statewide version of immigration measures that President Obama wanted and Minuteman Project founder and president, Jim Gilchrist talks about what drove the decision. Then, Benjamin Radford, a scientific paranormal investigator says he has definitively solved the mystery of the Chupacabra.

Merry White, Elizabeth Berkley

March 25 . 2011

Why were the Japanese relatively calm during the earthquake and Tsunami disasters? Dr. Merry White, professor at Boston University will tell us what created the passive behavior. Later, actress and author Elizabeth Berkley interviewed over 30,000 teen girls across the country in  Ask Elizabeth, the complete guide to teen life; the last and only self-help book they’ll ever need.


March 24 . 2011

T.J. English’s most recent book is The Savage City, a blistering account of racial hostilities between the New York Police Department and the Black Liberation movement in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Sonny Ochs

March 23 . 2011

Sonny Ochs, the sister of  60’s folk singer, Phil Ochs talks about her brother and the Kenneth Bowser documentary, Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune detailing his life and music.

Michio Kaku

March 21 . 2011

Michio Kaku, a professor of physics, gathers ideas from more than 300 experts, scientists, and researchers at the cutting edge of their fields, to offer a glimpse of what the next 100 years may bring in Physics of the Future.

Joshua Foer

March 18 . 2011

At a time when electronic devices have all but rendered our individual memory obsolete, Joshua Foer makes a compelling bid to resurrect the forgotten art of remembering in Moonwalking With Einstein.

Kim Barker

March 17 . 2011

In The Taliban Shuffle, journalist Kim Barker offers an insider’s account of the “forgotten war” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, chronicling the years after America’s initial routing of the Taliban, when we failed to finish the job.