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Dan Gardner

March 16 . 2011

Future Babble by Dan Gardner, an award winning journalist holds a magnifying glass over the entire expert prediction industry, naming pundits like David Brooks, Jeff Rubin, Peter Schiff, and Robert Kennedy (to name a few) who have been incorrect on predictions ranging from business to economics to international relations.


Larry Schweikart

March 15 . 2011

Conservative historian Larry Schweikart tackles some of the key issues confronting our nation today: education, government bailouts, gun control, health care and the environment in What Would The Founders Say?

Robert Musil, Heidi Beirich

March 14 . 2011

How serious is it that Japan cannot cool down its nuclear reactors after the recent earthquake? Robert Musil, former director of  Physicians for Social Responsibility and author of  Hope for a Heated Planet tells us what could happen. Then, the Southern Poverty Law Center has recently updated its list of hate groups in the United States. Heidi Beirich will tell us which groups have garnered some controversy.


Diarmaid MacCulloch

March 4 . 2011

Where does Christianity begin?  How did the early creeds of the church develop and differentiate? What was the impact of the Reformation and the Catholic Counter reformation? Diarmaid MacCulloch provides an in depth look in  Christianity.

David Anderegg, Brooke Taylor

March 3 . 2011

Child therapist and psychology professor David Anderegg takes a wry and well-rounded look at how children learn what and who nerds are in Nerds. Later, Nevada Senator, Harry Reid wants to shut down brothels in the state and Brooke Taylor with the Bunny Ranch is not happy about that.

J.E. McNeil, Helen Benedict

March 2 . 2011

It is not usual for the military to grant conscientious objector status but recently, the Navy did just that and J.E. McNeil, executive director of the Center on Conscience and War said that the case posed a challenge for the institution. Later, Helen Benedict interviewed women who served in Iraq, many of whom told stories of sexual harassment and rape in The Lonely Soldier.

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Stephanie Staal

March 1 . 2011

A nationwide physicians’ group hailed the reintroduction of a popular federal bill that would quickly upgrade the Medicare program and expand it to cover the entire population. Dr. Margaret Flowers tells why this is a cost effective approach. Later, Stephanie Staal explores the significance of classic tales by and of women, highlighting the relevance these ideas still have today in Reading Women.