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Bob Edgar

May 31 . 2011

Bob Edgar, president of  Common Cause is involved in finding money to deal with the ongoing effects of Agent Orange joins us to talk about what is being done to clean up the defoliant. For more information send e-mail to .

David Goldman, Dr. Randy Christensen

May 27 . 2011

In A Father’s Love, David Goldman recounts his extraordinary battle, despite overwhelming odds, to bring his abducted son back home. Then later, The unforgettable inspiring memoir of one extraordinary doctor who is saving lives in a most unconventional way in Ask Me Why I Hurt the  remarkable work of Dr. Randy Christensen.

Molly Molloy, Charles Bowden

May 26 . 2011

He is a contract killer who functioned as a comandante in the Chihuahuan state police, who was trained by the FBI in the U.S., and who for twenty years kidnapped, tortured and murdered people for the drug industry at the behest of Mexican drug cartels. He is a hit man who came off the killing fields alive but left the business and turned to Christ. It was then that he decided to tell the story of  his life and work in El Sicario.


What’s in the News

May 26 . 2011

Barry talks about today’s breaking new stories and gets your reactions.

Zaheer Ali

May 24 . 2011

Columbia University Professor Dr. Manning Marable, died just days before the publication of Malcolm X which is filled with new information and shocking revelations that go beyond his autobiography. Zaheer Ali, one of the key researchers who worked with Dr. Marable on the biography joins Culture Shocks to talk about the book.

Susie Bright

May 23 . 2011

In Big Sex Little Death, Susie Bright introduces us to her influences and experiences, including her early involvement with notorious high school radicalsThe Red Tide as well as the magazine she co-founded in the 1980s, On Our Backs, which turned the lesbian and bisexual community upside down before it took the “straight” world by storm.

Judge Harold Baer, Jr.

May 20 . 2011

A new book from the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, Judges Under Fire, provides true accounts of actual historical events that demonstrate what happens when the judiciary is stripped of its independence and prevented from following the rule of law. The Honorable Harold Baer, Jr. shares compelling stories, both historical and present day, that outline how the rule of law has been threatened and in some cases, completely ignored.

Marshall Chapman

May 19 . 2011

In They Came to Nashville, Marshall Chapman records the personal stories of musicians shaping the modern history of music in Nashville, from the mouths of the musicians themselves. The trials, tribulations, and evolution of Music City are on display, as she sits down with influential figures to record what brought each of them to Nashville and what inspired them to persevere.


Len Fisher

May 18 . 2011

At the cutting edge of science, Len Fisher helps us find ways to act before a full-fledged catastrophe is upon us in Crashes, Crises, and Calamities. It is a witty and informative exploration of the chaos, complexity, and patterns of our daily lives.

Jayne Valseca

May 17 . 2011

In the mountains of Guanajuato, Mexico sits a picturesque community favored by artists and tourists. But for American-born Jayne Valseca and her husband Eduardo, son of a legendary Mexican newspaper publisher, it became a hell on earth when Eduardo was ambushed by strangers and kidnapped in the summer of 2007 in We Have Your Husband.