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Bill Zimmerman

May 16 . 2011

Bill Zimmerman recounts the radicalization via beatnikism, the civil rights movement, and antiwar protests that led him in 1969 to renounce a promising psychology professorship and become a full-time antiwar activist in Troublemaker.

Paul Gilding

May 13 . 2011

In The Great Dispruption, Paul Gilding, says it’s time to stop worrying about climate change and instead  brace for impact because global crisis is no longer avoidable. He proposes that global warming is just one piece of an impending planetary collapse caused by our overuse of resources.

William Byers

May 12 . 2011

Science has been under siege during the last quarter century and retired math professor William Byers argues that much of the problem lies in what he calls the “science of certainty,”. In Blind Spot, he says  scientists need to recognize “uncertainty, incompleteness, and ambiguity, the ungraspable, or the limits to reason.”

Douglas Kenrick

May 11 . 2011

In Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life, social psychologist Douglas Kenrick exposes the selfish animalistic underside of human nature, and shows how it is intimately connected to our greatest and most selfless achievements.

Vincent Bugliosi

May 10 . 2011
Vincent Bugliosi, one of the nation’s foremost prosecutors, has successfully taken on the most notorious murderers of the last half century. Now, in the most controversial book of his celebrated career,  Divinity of Doubt, he turns his incomparable prosecutorial eye on the greatest target of all: God.

Chaz Bono, Rev. Robert Chase

May 9 . 2011

Transition is Chaz Bono‘s groundbreaking and candid account of a forty-year struggle to match his gender identity with his physical body and his transformation from female to male. Later, Rev. Robert Chase with Intersections International talks about an LGBT welcome ad that was rejected by Sojourners, a progressive Christian organization.

Ray Stevens, Jeff Eisenberg

May 6 . 2011

Two time Grammy winner and funnyman, Ray Stevens provides comedic relief with his politically charged hits. Later in The Bedbug Survival Guide, Jeff Eisenberg shares his best strategies, advice and tips for treating and preventing bed bug infestation once and for all.

Diana Henriques, Sai Gaddam, and Ogi Ogas

May 5 . 2011

In The Wizard of Lies, Diana Henriques of the New York Times has written the definitive book on Bernie Madoff the man and his scheme, drawing on unprecedented access and more than one hundred interviews with people at all levels and on all sides of the crime. Later, neuroscientists Sai Gaddam and Ogi Ogas have written A Billion Wicked Thoughts and w hat they found will profoundly alter the way we think about sex and human relationships.


Barbara Oakley

May 4 . 2011

In Cold Blooded Kindess, a searing exploration of deadly codependency, Barbara Oakley takes the reader on a spellbinding voyage of discovery that examines the questions: Are some people naturally too caring? Can science help us understand how our concerns for others can hurt everything we hold dear? Are some people in fact “wired” to be too kind? 

Dannel and James McCollum

May 4 . 2011

The Lord Was Not on Trial is the  personal story behind one of the most important First Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme Court history; the case that set the foundation for the separation of church and state in public schools. Dannel and James McCollum, two of the children of Vashti McCollum, whose objection to her son taking religious training in school which led to the landmark  ruling join us.