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Wayne Pacelle, Natalie Hopkinson

December 8 . 2011

The government will lift the ban on killing horses for meat and Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the U.S. is not happy about the decision. Later, Natalie Hopkinson with the Interactivity Foundation will tell us why school choice fails.

Suzanne Sena

December 7 . 2011

Suzanne Sena aka Brooke Alvarez, the host of “Onion News Network“, an original comedy series that people often mistake for  real news joins us.

Marcia Pally

December 5 . 2011

Marcia Pally rebuts a bleak and superficial view by offering the first in-depth look at ” The New Evangelicals“–those who have moved away from the Religious Right toward a broadened focus on economic justice, environmental care, and democracy.

Marci Hamilton

December 2 . 2011

A lawsuit has been filed against Penn State and Jerry Sandusky for sexual abuse charges. Marci Hamilton is part of the team that is suing. Then, should John Hinckley be allowed his freedom?

Karl Rogers

December 1 . 2011

Debunking Glenn Beck was written in response to Beck’s Arguing with Idiots. The concern is with exploring the agenda behind Beck’s arguments and exposing the flaws in his reasoning.  Karl Rogers also shows why media reform is so vital to the future of democracy