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Jonathan Gruber

January 17 . 2012

Health care is one of the most contested and misunderstood issues today;  Jonathan Gruber, an adviser to the President  guides readers through the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act- in Health Care Reform.


John Campbell

January 13 . 2012

John Campbell traces the life of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister from her upbringing in Grantham to her eleven tumultuous years in Downing Street, and her eventual removal from power in The Iron Lady.

Guy P. Harrison

January 13 . 2012

How do you find a gently persuasive way of steering people away from unfounded beliefs, bogus cures, and the like?  Skeptic Guy P. Harrison shows you how in 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True.

John M. Barry, Rob Boston

January 12 . 2012

John M. Barry takes a revelatory look at how Roger Williams shaped the nature of religion, political power, and individual rights in America in Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul. Later, Rob Boston with Americans United talks about the Supreme Court decision saying that churches and other religious groups must be free to choose their leaders without government interference.

Gar Alperovitz

January 10 . 2012

Gar Alperovitz, professor and political economist, calls on Democrats to “change the system,” believing many Americans are searching for new policies as we face large deficits; unemployment; terrorism; and loss of belief in equality, liberty, and democracy in America Beyond Capitalism.

Merle Hoffman

January 9 . 2012

Merle Hoffman,  journalist, activist, and women’s health care pioneer has been a fearless crusader for a woman’s right to choose. She chronicles three decades of reproductive rights in Intimate Wars.

Thomas Frank

January 6 . 2012

In Pity the Billionaire, Thomas Frank, examines the peculiar mechanism by which dire economic circumstances have delivered wildly unexpected political results.

Robin Cook, Amy Chua

January 5 . 2012

Best selling author Robin Cook with his latest novel, Death Benefit, then controversial author Amy Chua with  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom.

Robert McCauley

January 4 . 2012

In Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not, Robert N. McCauley, argues that our minds are better suited to religious belief than to scientific inquiry.

Steven Brill, Danielle Franco-Malone

January 4 . 2012

Award-winning journalist Steven Brill takes an uncompromising look at the adults who are fighting over America’s failure to educate its children in Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools. Later, assessing the state of the judiciary in America with Danielle Franco- Malone of Alliance for Justice.