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Thomas Mallon

March 30 . 2012

In Watergate, Thomas Mallon conveys the drama and high comedy of the Nixon presidency through the urgent perspectives of seven characters we only thought we knew before now.

Chris Stringer

March 29 . 2012

Chris Stringer, a leading researcher on human evolution proposes a new and controversial theory of how our species came to be in Lone Survivors.

Nicolas von Hoffman

March 28 . 2012

In Radical, Nicholas von Hoffman tells the story of Saul Alinsky, the “father” of community organizing.

Marc Lewis

March 27 . 2012

Marc Lewis, a neuroscientist, examines his former life on drugs in Memoirs of An Addicted Brain.

James Tabor, Joe Nickell

March 26 . 2012

James Tabor discusses what the concept of resurrection meant to the first followers of Jesus, particularly how it differed from the common understanding of the term today in The Jesus Discovery. Then Joe Nickell with the Center for Inquiry offers another point of view.

Frank Rose

March 23 . 2012

Wired contributing editor Frank Rose introduces us to the people who are reshaping media for a two-way world, whose ideas are changing how we play, how we chill, and even how we think in The Art of Immersion.

Gary Dorrien

March 22 . 2012

Many progressives charge that Obama has betrayed the causes that he espoused in 2008 but Gary Dorrien offers a critique of the president and presents a powerful case saying that those supporters should not give up on him in The Obama Question.

Rev. Debra Haffner

March 21 . 2012

Rev. Debra Haffner, director of  the Religious Institute with  her predictions on sexuality in public life for 2012 plus taking on Rush Limbaugh.

Guy P. Harrison

March 20 . 2012

Most people derive their attitudes about race from their family, culture, and education, however, very few are aware that there are vast differences between the popular notions of race and the scientific view of human diversity. Guy P. Harrison explores all sides of the issue in Race and Reality.



Russ Feingold

March 19 . 2012

In While America Sleeps, Russ Feingold details our nation’s collective failure to respond properly to the challenges posed by the post-9/11 era.