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Steve Coll, Barbara Ehrenreich

May 15 . 2012

In Private Empire Steve Coll investigates the largest and most powerful private corporation in the United States, revealing the true extent of ExxonMobil’s power. Later, author Barbara Ehrenreich talks about The Animal Cure in The Baffler magazine.

Nancy Gibbs, Michael Duffy

May 14 . 2012

In The Presidents Club, journalists and presidential historians Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy offer a new tool to understand the presidency by exploring the club as a hidden instrument of power that has changed the course of history.

Col. Thomas J. Foley

May 11 . 2012

The news of the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger’s capture—after sixteen years on the FBI’s Most Wanted list—swept the nation Col. Thomas J. Foley tells what happened in Most Wanted.

Bay Buchanan, Bill Press

May 10 . 2012

In Bay and Her Boys, conservative political analyst, Bay Buchanan takes the reader on a candid trip into the world of single working motherhood. Then liberal radio host and author, Bill Press talks bout The Obama Hate Machine and how the Right has taken rhetoric to slanderous new levelsin attacking president.

Roy Saltman

May 9 . 2012

Roy Saltman responds to the new atheists in Sacred Humanism Without Miracles.

Eric Berkowitz

May 8 . 2012

Eric Berkowitz uses flesh-and-blood cases to evoke the entire sweep of Western sex law, from the savage impalement of an Ancient Mesopotamian adulteress to the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde in 1895 for “gross indecency” in Sex and Punishment.

R. Andrew Chesnut

May 1 . 2012

R. Andrew Chesnut shows how Santa Muerte, a skeleton saint with millions of devotees, has become the patron saint of drug traffickers in Devoted to Death.