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Robert Hardy

June 15 . 2012

In A Deeper Blue, Robert Hardy traces songwriter Townes Van Zandt’s background as the scion of a prominent Texas family; his troubled early years and his transformation from promising pre-law student to wandering folk singer; his life on the road and the demons that pursued him; the women who loved and inspired him; and the brilliance and enduring beauty of his songs, which are explored in depth.


Marty Klein

June 14 . 2012

Marty Klein names names, challenges political hypocrisy, and shows the financial connections between government and conservative religious groups that are systematically taking away your rights in America’s War on Sex.

Amanda Bennett, Brad Fay

June 13 . 2012

The Cost of Hope is Pulitzer Prize winner Amanda Bennett’s moving, eye-opening, and beautifully written memoir—a love story of two unusual people, deeply devoted, complex marriage  and finally, Bennett’s quest to save her husband’s life. Then Brad Fay tells why real relationships rule in a digital marketplace in The Face-to-Face Book.

Linda McQuaig

June 12 . 2012

In Billionaires’ Ball, co-author Linda McQuaig takes us back in history to the political decisions that helped birth our billionaires, then move us forward to the cutting-edge research into the dangers that concentrated wealth poses.

Jessica Arons, Andrew Blotsky

June 11 . 2012

Jessica Arons and Andrew Blotsky with Center for American Progress join us to talk about the big anniversary at the Supreme Court to protect the use of birth control in the same year that right-wing forces are trying to take that right away.

Timothy Noah

June 8 . 2012

TimothyNoah explains in The Great Divergence not only how a fundamental shift in the character of American society has come about, but why it threatens American democracy—and most important, how we can begin to reverse it.

John Oldale

June 7 . 2012

Dr. John Oldale, a scientist  has visited more than ninety nations. Now, he celebrates our weird and wonderful world in a cornucopia of fascinating facts brought vividly to life through the unexpected stories behind them in A World of Curiosities.

Eric Sterling, Isabel Sawhill

June 6 . 2012

New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit marijuana arrests and Eric Sterling with the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation agrees. Then, was Dan Quayle right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms? Isabel Sawhill with the Brookings Institution says yes.

Sissy Bradford, Eric Lane

June 5 . 2012

Professor Sissy Bradford talks about receiving threats and losing her adjunct position after taking a public stand against Christian crosses on campus;  Eric Lane, San Antonio chapter president of Americans United joins her.


Agustin Fuentes

June 5 . 2012

There are three major myths of human nature: we are divided into biological races; we are naturally aggressive; men and women are truly different in behavior, desires, and wiring. Agustin Fuentes discounts all of this in Race, Monogamy and Other Lies They Told You.