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Charles Dunn, Jill Lepore

July 17 . 2012

Election year politics have heated up with dueling singing ads; what’s going to be important in the campaign for the presidency? Dr. Charles Dunn with Regent University offers some insight. Then, Harvard scholar , Jill Lepore who  has composed a strikingly original, ingeniously conceived, and beautifully crafted history of American ideas about life and death from before the cradle to beyond the grave in The Mansion of Happiness.

Nikki Stern

July 13 . 2012

Following her husband’s death on 9/11, Nikki Stern challenged herself to find and define a version of hope that might provide her life with purpose and meaning. In Hope in Small Doses, she  comes to embrace a version of hope that thrives not on certainty but on possibility.

Hugh Sinclair

July 12 . 2012

Hugh Sinclair weaves a shocking tale of a system increasingly focused on maximizing profits—particularly once large banks got involved in Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic.

Robert Proctor

July 11 . 2012

In Golden Holocaust, Robert N. Proctor draws on reams of formerly-secret industry documents to explore how the cigarette came to be the most widely-used drug on the planet, with six trillion sticks sold per year.

Nancy Mullane

July 10 . 2012

Life After Murder is Nancy Mullane‘s compelling story of five convicted murderers sentenced to life with the possibility of parole, who discover after decades in prison that their second chance, is also the challenge of a lifetime.

David Talbot

July 9 . 2012

In Season of the Witch, David Talbot recounts the gripping story of San Francisco in the turbulent years between 1967 and 1982—and of the extraordinary men and women who led to the city’s ultimate rebirth and triumph.

Bob Deans

July 6 . 2012

The Republican-led House voted nearly 200 times to weaken, block, or delay needed measures that defend our air, water, wildlife, and lands. Bob DeansReckless tells the story of that misguided campaign, how it put our nation at risk, and where we need to go from here.

Deanne Stillman

July 5 . 2012

Deanne Stillman’s Desert Reckoning is set against the backdrop of two competing visions of land and space, and explores what happened when a desert hermit who loved animals and hated civilization took his last stand, gunning down a beloved deputy sheriff when he approached his trailer at high noon on a scorching day.

Peter Dreier

July 2 . 2012

The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century, is Peter Dreier’s colorful and witty history of the most influential progressive leaders of the twentieth century and beyond.