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Joan Walsh

September 28 . 2012

Joan Walsh talks about race in honest, unflinching, unfamiliar terms, acknowledging not just Republican but Democratic Party political mistakes—and her own in What’s the Matter With White People?

Bill Baird

September 27 . 2012

Reproductive rights in the 2012 campaign with activist Bill Baird, founder of  Pro Choice League.

Steven Johnson

September 25 . 2012

At a time when the conventional wisdom holds that the political system is hopelessly gridlocked with old ideas, Steven Johnson‘s, Future Perfect makes the timely and inspiring case that progress is still possible, and that new solutions are on the rise.

Lynn Povich

September 24 . 2012

Lynn Povich shows how personal experiences and cultural shifts led a group of well-mannered, largely apolitical women, raised in the 1940s and 1950s, to stand up for their rights––and what happened after they did in The Good Girl’s Revolt.


Sasha Issenberg, John Wade

September 20 . 2012

Journalist Sasha Issenberg tells the hidden story of the analytical revolution upending the way political campaigns are run in the 21st century in The Victory Lab. Later, a collection of quotes from Ronald Reagan’s most notable speeches is divided into topics such as God, the economy, pop culture, and politics in Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenyt-First Century.

Randy Cohen

September 19 . 2012

The New York Times Magazine‘s original “Ethicist” Randy Cohen helps readers locate their own internal ethical compasses as he delivers answers to life’s most challenging dilemmas—timeless and contemporary alike in Be Good.


Mickey Edwards

September 18 . 2012

Former congressman, Mickey Edwards witnessed firsthand how important legislative battles can devolve into struggles not over principle but over party advantage in The Parties Versus the People.

Dan Pallotta

September 17 . 2012

Charity Case is Dan Pallotta’s blueprint for a national leadership movement to transform the way the public thinks about giving.

Bob Balaban

September 14 . 2012

From award-winning actor-writer-producer-director Bob Balaban comes a hilarious new series,  The Creature From the Seventh Grade, perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Brian McLaren

September 13 . 2012

Can you be a committed Christian without having to condemn or convert people of other faiths? Is it possible to affirm other religious traditions without watering down your own? Brian McLaren proposes a new faith alternative in Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?