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Rob Boston, Fr. Josiah Trenham

January 10 . 2013

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has threatened a lawsuit if the city of Riverside, CA doesn’t take down a cross on the historic Mt. Rubidoux arguing that the Constitution’s “establishment clause” bars the display of a religious symbol such as a cross on public land. Rob Boston with Americans United and Father Josiah Trenham with St. Andrew Orthodox Church join us.

Loren Collins

January 9 . 2013

Loren Collins reveals how rumors are started as well as the types of rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies often found in misleading or outright false claims in Bullspotting.

Richard Lingeman

January 8 . 2013

Richard Lingeman examines a brief but momentous and crowded time, the years between VJ Day and the beginning of the Korean War, describing how we got from there to here in The Noir Forties.


Joe Mozingo, Nina Jablonski

January 7 . 2013

The Fiddler on Pantico Run is the beautifully written account of Joe Mozingo’s quest to discover his family’s lost past. Later,  Nina G. Jablonski’s, Living Color is the first book to investigate the social history of skin color from prehistory to the present.

Craig R. Whitney

January 3 . 2013

In Living With Guns, veteran New York Times editor Craig Whitney carefully reexamines America’s relationship with guns, showing how guns are an important part of American culture.

John Jenkins

January 2 . 2013

John A. Jenkins has produced the first full biography of  William Rehnquist, exploring the roots of his political and judicial convictions and showing how he began his career on the Court in The Partisan.