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John Barylick, Linda Fisher

February 11 . 2013

Killer Show is John Barylick‘s comprehensive exploration of the chain of events leading up to the Warwick, R.I. fire, and the painstaking search for evidence to hold the guilty to account and obtain justice for the victims.Linda Fisher was at the club the night of the fire and tells us her story of survival.

Dave Barry, Paul Krassner

February 7 . 2013

Insane City is a dark comic masterpiece—the first solo adult novel in more than a decade from the Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times–bestselling author, Dave Barry. Later, satirist Paul Krassner talks about the state of political humor.



Linda Schearing, Valarie Ziegler

February 6 . 2013

Linda Schearing and Valarie Ziegler argue that Adam and Eve have become archetypal figures for secular and religious society alike as they are transplanted from their ancient garden to a more modern Eden, often with eyebrow-raising consequences in Enticed by Eden.

Marjorie Heins

February 5 . 2013

In Priests of Our Democracy, Marjorie Heins tells of the teachers and professors who resisted witch hunts, those who collaborated, and those whose battles led to landmark Supreme Court decisions.

David Schultz

February 4 . 2013

In American Politics in the Age of Ignorance, David Schultz contends that policy making is shrouded in many myths and that policy makers often ignore ample research and evidence when it comes to legislating on a range of issues.