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Phil Tiemeyer

June 11 . 2013

Phil Tiemeyer examines how flight attendants have combated sexism and homophobia to create a more just and equal workplace through the last 80 years in Plane Queer.

David Felten

June 10 . 2013

Tackling issues of faith and controversial subjects such as the church’s position on homosexuality, Living the Questions is the most comprehensive, indeed the only survey of progressive Christianity in existence today.

Annalee Newitz

June 6 . 2013

In Scatter, Adapt, and Remember, Annalee Newitz, science journalist and editor of the science Web site explains that although global disaster is all but inevitable, our chances of long-term species survival are better than ever.

Marie Calloway

June 5 . 2013

Marie Calloway‘s fiction debut, what purpose did i serve in your life, is both a portrait of American youth and a gamble, a chance taken, in answer to the following: for a young woman, is there such a thing as the soul, a life more than the organs, or is she forever recalled to her body.

Tim Dale

June 4 . 2013
Joseph J. Foy and Timothy M. Dale have assembled a team of scholars who argue that Homer Simpson is educating America and offering insights into the social order and the human condition in Homer Simpson Ponders Politics.

Michael Lemonick

June 3 . 2013

Global Weirdness summarizes, in clear prose, everything we already know about the science of climate change; explains what is likely to happen to the climate in the future; and lays out in practical terms what we can and cannot do to avoid further shifts. Michael Lemonick with Climate Central explains.