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April Wright

August 13 . 2013

Going Attractions, a new documentary, is the definitive story of the American  drive-in theatre by April Wright, independent writer, director and producer.

Tanner Colby

August 12 . 2013

Tanner Colby chronicles America’s troubling relationship with race through four interrelated stories in Some of My Best Friends Are Black.

David McRaney

August 8 . 2013

David McRaney shares more discoveries about self-delusion and irrational thinking, and gives readers a fighting chance at outsmarting their not-so-smart brains in You Are Now Less Dumb.

Roland Deah & Ron Swager

August 7 . 2013

Day of the Elephants is Roland Deah’s story of survival as a child in war torn Liberia and fifteen years later, redemption in Arizona. Co-author Ron Swager tells his story.

Charles Graeber

August 6 . 2013

The Good Nurse does more than chronicle Charlie Cullen’s deadly career as a serial killer in the deaths of as many as 300 patients, and efforts to stop him; it paints an incredibly vivid portrait of madness and offers a penetrating look inside America’s medical system.

Tony Thompson

August 5 . 2013

Outlaws is Tony Thompson’s compelling, shocking and chilling story of how bikers are born and made, and how and why they die.

Jeff Stibel

August 1 . 2013

In Breakpoint, brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel takes readers to the intersection of the brain, biology, and technology. He shows how exceptional companies are using their understanding of the internet’s brain-like powers to create a competitive advantage by building more effective websites, utilizing cloud computing, engaging social media, monetizing effectively, and leveraging a collective consciousness.