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Philip Caputo

July 24 . 2013

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Philip Caputo takes an epic journey across America, Airstream in tow, and asks everyday Americans what unites and divides a country as endlessly diverse as it is large in The Longest Road.

Lynda Obst

July 23 . 2013

Over the past decade, producer Lynda Obst gradually realized she was working in a Hollywood that was undergoing a drastic transformation. Sleepless in Hollywood is about the new abnormal in the movie industry where everything that had once been familiar was suddenly disturbingly strange.

Phil Madeira

July 22 . 2013
Musician and songwriter Phil Madeira turns his talent for evocative lyricism from the stage to the page as he invites us to wander with him on his relentless search for God in God On the Rocks.

Bill Powers

July 17 . 2013

Has the energy industry been honest? Bill Powers argues in Cold, Hungry and in the Dark that declining productivity combined with increasing demand will trigger a crisis that will cause prices to skyrocket, damage the economy, and have a profound impact on the lives of nearly every North American.

Nathan Belofsky

July 16 . 2013

In Strange Medicine, Nathan Belofsky takes readers on a wild ride through history, describing the bizarre treatments, hubris-driven blunders and stomach-turning cures civilized society has been subjected to over the centuries.

Dr. Monica Miller

July 15 . 2013

Dr. Monica Miller‘s Religion and Hip Hop brings together the category of religion, hip hop cultural modalities and the demographic of youth. She says, we must begin again by rethinking the religious.

Frederic Rich

July 11 . 2013

Frederic Rich’s brilliantly readable counter factual novel, reminds us that America’s Christian fundamentalists have been consistently clear about their vision for a “Christian Nation” and dead serious about acquiring the political power to achieve it.

Ellery Schempp

July 10 . 2013

Ellery Schempp is celebrating the fifty-year anniversary of  Abington v Schempp, the Supreme Court case which declared the requirement of daily Bible readings and prayer in public schools to be unconstitutional.

John Nichols, Robert McChesney

July 9 . 2013

Blending vivid reporting from the 2012 campaign trail, political journalist John Nichols and media critic Robert W. McChesney explain how US elections are becoming controlled, predictable enterprises that are managed by a new class of consultants who wield millions of dollars and define our politics as never before in Dollarocracy.

Christopher Parker

July 8 . 2013

Christopher Parker and Matt Barreto show that what actually pushes Tea Party supporters is not simple ideology or racism, but fear that the country is being stolen from “real Americans”–a belief triggered by Obama’s election in Change They Can’t Believe In.

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