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Jonathan Alter

July 3 . 2013

In The Center Holds, Jonathan Alter produces the first full account of America at the crossroads. He pierces the bubble of the White House and the presidential campaigns in a landmark election that marked the return of big money and the rise of big data.

Jerry DeWitt

July 2 . 2013

Jerry DeWitt was born and bred into the church and was a Pentecostal preacher before arriving at atheism through an extraordinary dialogue with faith that spanned more than a quarter of a century, Hope After Faith is his account.

Bishop John Shelby Spong

July 1 . 2013

John Shelby Spong argues in The Fourth Gospel that this last gospel to be written was misinterpreted by the framers of the fourth-century creeds to be a literal account of the life of Jesus when in fact it is a literary, interpretive retelling of the events in Jesus’ life through the medium of fictional characters.

Robert Kaiser, Rob Boston

June 27 . 2013

Act of Congress is Robert G. Kaiser’s eye-opening account of how Congress today really works—and doesn’t—that follows the dramatic journey of the sweeping financial reform bill enacted in response to the Great Crash of 2008. Then Rob Boston with Americans United talks about the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Marion Nestle

June 26 . 2013

Food Politics laid the groundwork for today’s food revolution and changed the way we respond to industry marketing practices. Now, a new introduction and concluding chapter bring us up to date on the key events in that movement helping us understand more clearly than ever before what we eat and why.

Floyd Abrams

June 25 . 2013
Friend of the Court is a collection of First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams’ speeches, articles, debates, briefs, oral arguments, and testimony from his entire career.

Diann Rust-Tierney, Sister Helen Prejean

June 24 . 2013

Will Jodi Arias get the death penalty for the murder of her boyfriend? Which states have dropped the sentence? Diann Rust-Tierney with the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, then Sister Helen Prejean on the 20th anniversary of Dead Man Walking.

Michael D’Antonio

June 20 . 2013
Michael D’Antonio‘s, Mortal Sins is an explosive, sweeping account of the scandal that has sent the Catholic Church into a tailspin — and the brave few who fought for justice

Jeffrey Toobin

June 19 . 2013

The Oath is Jeffrey Toobin’s gripping insider’s account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration.

Dean King

June 18 . 2013

The Feud is Dean King‘s riveting and detailed account of two frontier families, the Hatfields and McCoys, struggling for survival within the narrow confines of an unforgiving land.

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