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Robert Proctor

July 11 . 2012

In Golden Holocaust, Robert N. Proctor draws on reams of formerly-secret industry documents to explore how the cigarette came to be the most widely-used drug on the planet, with six trillion sticks sold per year.

Stephen Gardner, Dennis Ross

May 31 . 2012

Stephen Gardner talks about the lawsuit on Coca-Cola the maker of VitaminWater drinks, calling its marketing claims unsubstantiated and deceptive. Then Rabbi Dennis Ross discusses his new book, All Politics is Religious.

Mara Einstein

April 19 . 2012

In Compassion, Inc. Mara Einstein outlines how cause-related marketing desensitizes the public by putting a pleasant face on complex problems.

Gary Greenberg

March 4 . 2010

Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease by author, journalist, and practicing therapist Gary Greenberg. Greenberg argues  that depression as a disease has been manufactured by the medical, pharmaceutical and advertising industries to suit and sell a cure.