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Mary Johnson

March 6 . 2013

Former nun Mary Johnson experienced her calling when she saw a photo of Mother Teresa on the cover of a magazine; eighteen months later she began her training as a Missionary of Charity, now she tells the world what really happens behind convent walls in An Unquenchable Thirst.


James Tabor, Joe Nickell

March 26 . 2012

James Tabor discusses what the concept of resurrection meant to the first followers of Jesus, particularly how it differed from the common understanding of the term today in The Jesus Discovery. Then Joe Nickell with the Center for Inquiry offers another point of view.

Jason Berry, Philip Cioffari

June 8 . 2011

Render Unto Rome is Jason Berry‘s investigation  of epic financial intrigue that goes deep inside the Vatican exposing the secrecy and deceit that run counter to the values of the Catholic Church. Later, all of the characters in Philp Cioffari’ Jesusville have, in one form or another, lost faith–in God or the Church or the social order or themselves–and so are searching to reclaim what has been taken from them.





Jeffrey Anderson, David Clohessy

May 17 . 2010

Jeffrey Anderson is a Minnesota lawyer who has a reputation  for suing U.S dioceses and bishops over allegations of priests sexually abusing young boys. He has shown in a lawsuit letters to the Pope that the Vatican was informed about the case of a priest who molested deaf boys in Wisconsin but how will the Holy See react?  Later in the hour, David Clohessy, a survivor and national director of SNAP, Survivors Network of  Those Abused by Priests joins us.

S.E. Cupp

April 29 . 2010

Are the liberal media out to overthrow God and silence Christian America for good? Outspoken conservative political commentator and author, S.E. Cupp holds the media accountable for what she says is unapologetic bigotry in Losing Our Religion.

Jon O’Brien, Frederick Clarkson

April 5 . 2010

More rogue priests uncovered in the Catholic church, but why is the Pope silent? Jon O’Brien with Catholics for Choice will join us. Then, members of the right wing Christian militia, Hutaree were arrested on charges they plotted to start a violent revolution. Frederick Clarkson, editor of Dispatches From the Religious Left assesses the group’s intentions.

Neill Russell, Robin Meyers

April 5 . 2010

True or not? Listen to what author Neill Russell has to say about the conspiracy of Psalm 83 in Newton’s Riddle. Later Pastor Robin Myers is Saving Jesus From the Church.

Gina Welch

April 1 . 2010

Who are the evangelicals and what are they like in private? What do they really want? Gina Welch sets about to answer these questions by going undercover in Jerry Falwell’s church and writing about it In the Land of Believers.

Brian McLaren

March 5 . 2010

Brian McLaren author of A New Kind of Christianity.