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Larry Schweikart

March 15 . 2011

Conservative historian Larry Schweikart tackles some of the key issues confronting our nation today: education, government bailouts, gun control, health care and the environment in What Would The Founders Say?

Geraldo Rivera, Rick Sanchez

September 8 . 2010

Emmy Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera delivers keen insight  in The Great Progression, a book on how Hispanics are revitalizing our declining economy, energizing our distressed troops, and invigorating our transitioning national government. Then CNN anchor and TV news social media pioneer Rick Sanchez cuts through the bull to share what Americans are really thinking in Conventional Idiocy.

Phil Lelyveld, Pramila Jayapal

June 22 . 2010

Why is there a resurgence of 3-D movies and would you buy a television that had that technology, glasses included? Phil Lelyveld, program manager of the Consumer 3D Experience Lab at USC joins us. Then, “anchor babies” is the term that is being used in Arizona to tag children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants by denying  them birth certificates. How will going after children solve the problem? Pramila Jayapal, executive director of OneAmerica tells us why this is a bad idea.

Homer Hickam, Erika Wood

April 6 . 2010

A mine explosion  in West Virginia killed 25 in the deadliest such disaster in the United States in decades. Homer Hickam, a former miner and writer gives his point of view on safety and the industry. Later, should felons have the right to vote? Erika Wood with NYU School of Law says yes.

Jedediah Purdy

March 16 . 2010

Can a nation of individuals also be a community of citizens? Professor and author Jedediah Purdy traces the history of the American understanding of freedom in A Tolerable Anarchy.