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Jamal Joseph

February 21 . 2012

Jamal Joseph’s personal odyssey—from the streets of Harlem to Riker’s Island and Leavenworth to the halls of Columbia—is as gripping as it is inspiring in Panther Baby.

Stephanie Deustch

February 10 . 2012

Stephanie Deutsch offers a fascinating glimpse into the partnership between the founder of a black college and the president of Sears that would bring thousands of modern schoolhouses to African American communities in the rural South in You Need a Schoolhouse.

Rick Bowers, Ceiridwen Terrill

February 8 . 2012

Superman vs the Ku Klux Klan is a group of intertwining stories that culminate in the historic 1947 collision of the Superman Radio Show and the hate group. Part Wild is the story of Ceiridwen Terrill‘s journey with a wolf dog whose heart is divided between her bond to one woman and the need to roam free..

Larry Tye

February 3 . 2012

Few reliable records or news reports survive about players in the Negro Leagues but award-winning author and journalist Larry Tye has tracked down the truth about Satchel Paige, this majestic and enigmatic pitcher.

Candida Pugh

February 1 . 2012

Candida Pugh’s debut novel is about a young woman who joins the Freedom Riders in 1961, gets arrested and jailed in Mississippi, and learns that not everyone appreciates a hero in Bridge of the Single Hair.

Jack Balkin

January 19 . 2012

Jack Balkin‘s Living Originalism shows why modern conceptions of civil rights and civil liberties, and the modern state’s protection of national security, health, safety, and the environment, are fully consistent with the Constitution’s original meaning.


Robin Bernstein

November 29 . 2011

Beginning in the mid nineteenth century in America, childhood became synonymous with innocence. As the idea took hold, it became racialized: popular culture constructed white children as innocent and vulnerable while excluding black youth from these qualities. Robin Bernstein takes up this issue in Racial Innocence.

Peter Yarrow

November 21 . 2011

Peter Yarrow’ of the ’60s folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary, along with Lenny Lipton, wrote the beloved song and now hit book Puff, the Magic Dragon.  Peter is active in Operation Respect, an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness in schools across the country.

Melissa Harris-Perry

October 12 . 2011

In Sister Citizen Melissa V. Harris-Perry explores how African American women understand themselves as citizens and what they expect from political organizing.

Aaron Belkin, Diann Rust-Tierney

September 27 . 2011

An era ended with the  repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and professor Aaron Belkin talks about what finally brought the policy down in How We Won. Then, was an innocent man executed last week in Georgia? Diann Rust-Tierney with the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty joins us.