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Diann Rust-Tierney, Sister Helen Prejean

June 24 . 2013

Will Jodi Arias get the death penalty for the murder of her boyfriend? Which states have dropped the sentence? Diann Rust-Tierney with the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, then Sister Helen Prejean on the 20th anniversary of Dead Man Walking.

Richard Jaffe

January 14 . 2013

Quest For Justice is the story of Richard Jaffe, the most successful attorney ever at exonerating innocent people accused of murder and wrongfully sentenced death row inmates.

Sarah Burns

April 9 . 2012

The Central Park Five is the spellbinding account of the real facts of the Central Park jogger case; Sarah Burns powerfully reexamines one of New York City’s most notorious crimes and its aftermath.

Raymond Bonner

March 7 . 2012

From Pulitzer Prize–winner Raymond Bonner, Anatomyof Injustice is the gripping story of a grievously mishandled murder case that put a twenty-three-year-old man on death row. It was a case plagued by incompetent court-appointed defense attorneys, a virulent prosecution, and both misplaced and contaminated evidence.