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Eric Sterling, Barry Lynn

August 29 . 2013

Eric Sterling with the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation talks about easing overcrowding in federal prisons by ordering prosecutors to omit listing quantities of illegal substances in indictments for low-level drug cases, sidestepping federal laws that impose strict mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related offenses. Later Barry Lynn bids farewell to Culture Shocks.

Evelyn McDonnell

August 14 . 2013

Queens of Noise looks beyond the lurid voyeuristic appeal of a sex-drugs-rock ’n’ roll saga to give the rock band, Runaways its place in musical, feminist, and cultural history.

Anne Fletcher

March 14 . 2013
Inside Rehab is Anne Fletcher‘s eye-opening tour of the addiction treatment industry exploring the gap between what should happen and what does.

Dr. Jerry Avorn

August 10 . 2012

Dr. Jerome Avorn talks about his NEJM article,  Two Centuries of Assessing Drug Risks and the broader questions of drug testing, advertising and the FDA’s responsibility. He is the author of Powerful Medicines.

Robert Zorn, George W. Grayson

July 18 . 2012

Using personal possessions and documents, never-before seen photographs, and new forensic evidence, Robert Zorn has written a shocking and captivating account of the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby in Cemetery John. Then, George Grayson takes you into the world of  Los Zetas, and how it became Mexico’s most diabolical criminal organization in The Executioner’s Men.

Robert Mazur

June 26 . 2012

Robert Mazur began infiltrating  bankers behind the Medellín cartel and meticulously gathered evidence for years until, during a fake wedding, federal agents arrested over 40 high-ranking criminals and he tells how in The Infiltrator.

Eric Sterling, Isabel Sawhill

June 6 . 2012

New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit marijuana arrests and Eric Sterling with the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation agrees. Then, was Dan Quayle right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms? Isabel Sawhill with the Brookings Institution says yes.

Ted Williams, Lizz Winstead

May 16 . 2012

A Golden Voice is the memoir of  Ted Williams who was panhandling in December 2010 when a passerby taped him and posted a clip of him on YouTube. The video went viral, and overnight, launched him—the homeless man —into the hearts of millions. Then, Lizz Winstead, tells how she discovered her comedic voice in Lizz Free or Die, a collection of  autobiographical essays.

Marc Lewis

March 27 . 2012

Marc Lewis, a neuroscientist, examines his former life on drugs in Memoirs of An Addicted Brain.

Heather Donahue, Walter Mosley

January 31 . 2012

Actress Heather Donahue, who appeared as the lead character in The Blair Witch Project talks about her time as a medical marijuana grower in Grow Girl. Then, best selling author Walter Mosley with his latest novel, All I Did Was Shoot My Man.